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Ohio Renters insurance coverage

Renters Insurance in Ohio

When you rent your first apartment in Ohio, there are plenty of things that need to be done. You need to sign your lease, have the utilities turned on and hire a moving company. One of the most important tasks is taking out a renter's insurance policy. Your landlord will have a homeowner's insurance policy, but it won't cover many things that apply to you. There are a few reasons why you should have renter's insurance.

Protects Your Belongings

If the building is damaged due to a fire or severe weather, the structure of the building would be covered by your landlord's homeowner's insurance. However, your landlord's insurance won't cover your belongings inside the apartment. You would need to take out a renter's insurance policy if you want your belongings to be covered.

Protects Against Theft

If your apartment is burglarized, your landlord's insurance will cover any damage that the thief did to your apartment while trying to gain access. Unfortunately, your landlord's insurance won't cover the items that were stolen. The only way to be sure that you are protected if someone breaks into your home is to take out a renter's insurance policy.

Liability Protection

If a guest is injured in the common areas of the apartment building, your landlord's homeowner's insurance would be responsible for the cost of their medical bills and any other costs associated with the accident. If the accident occurred in your apartment, and you are to blame, you could be held responsible. If you take out a renter's insurance policy, it would provide the liability protection that you would need in a case like this. Having this type of protection will prevent you from losing a lot of money if the guest files a lawsuit.

One of the first things that you should do after signing the lease for your new apartment is to visit Tri C Insurance Group in Burbank, OH. We can help set you up with a renter's insurance policy to provide the protection that you need. To get your renter's insurance policy started, give us a call or stop by today.