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Ohio Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance in Ohio

Getting condo insurance on your home is a lot like getting homeowners' insurance on a detached house. The coverages are often quite similar, but there are a few key differences between these types of insurance. If you aren't sure that you have the right insurance, call us at the Tri C Insurance Group Ohio in Burbank, OH to find out more.

Shared Spaces

Every condo has a condo board, and that board takes care of a lot of responsibilities around the property. With an Ohio condo, it's important to know exactly which parts of your home that you own and which are owned, and should be maintained, by the condo board. Often that means that there are many shared spaces or common areas, that your insurance doesn't have to cover. Often, the condo board's insurance coverage even covers the outside portion of your home. It's vital to read through your condo paperwork to find out exactly what they cover and what is left up to you. Your insurance agent can help.

Inside and Outside

If you make improvements to the property, even something that is on the outside of the building, you are responsible for maintaining it, and it should be on your condo insurance. You are also responsible for the inside portion of your home. To find out about the water lines and other items that go from inside to outside, you can have your insurance agent look through your paperwork to find out which items you need to cover.

Getting Condo Insurance in Ohio

It's easy to think you have the right coverage and have too little. If you are concerned about how much condo insurance you have, or you have recently bought a condo and need it insured, call on us at the Tri C Insurance Group in Burbank, OH. Your Ohio insurance agent knows just what is required from condo insurance in the state.