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Most Common Myths About Auto Insurance

When you are looking for an auto insurance policy to protect your car, it is important to know and understand the factors that may affect coverage and insurance costs. Unfortunately, there are too many misconceptions about auto insurance that can be quite misleading. Tri C Insurance Group, serving Wooster, OH, prepared a list of myths about this type of insurance that need to be debunked to help you make the right choice. 

Red Cars Are More Expensive To Get Insured

Actually, the color of a car does not determine the price of auto insurance. Auto insurance costs are based on numerous factors, including body type, car make, age of the car, and engine size. Other factors also include the cost to repair the vehicle, the car’s base price, and the chances of it being stolen. Also, some insurance companies consider the age of a driver, his age, and the driving record. 

Cars Insurance Is More Expensive For Older Drivers

It is actually the opposite because older drivers are often qualified for various discounts. For example, a driver who is 55 years and older can get a reduction in their car insurance costs if she or she completes an accident prevention course. 

Your Credit Score Does Not Have An Impact On Car Insurance Costs

The score derived from credit history matters and has an impact on auto insurance premiums. A good credit score is an indicator that a person knows how to handle finances. Therefore, in most cases, people with a good credit score pay less for their car insurance. 

In the state of Ohio, it is illegal to drive without auto insurance. Therefore, if you have a car, you must carry car insurance. If you are currently looking for the right insurance plan, do not hesitate to contact Tri C Insurance Group, serving clients in Wooster, OH. We are ready to help you.